Prince William Sound Explorers

Yesterday we had to opportunity to accompany our middle schoolers (and a group of middle schoolers from Anchorage) on the Prince William Sound Explorers cruise. What fun! Much of the information was over the girls' heads, but it is always surprising how much they do catch on to as well.

The crew on the boat were *very* informative and handled the kids well. The cruise schedule was as follows:

:: 9:30--depart from Whittier
:: while enroute to Blackstone Glacier, a 25 minute class in local geology and a 25 minute class in navigation
:: lunch
:: arrive at Blackstone Glacier...hang out and observe it calving
:: 3 short workshops in finding the volume of glacial ice, collecting and examining plankton under a microscope, and looking at the turbidity (clarity) of the water
:: while enroute back to Whittier, a 25 minute class about the formation and types of glaciers and their moraines and a 25 minute class in meteorology
:: a stop at the kittywake rookery across the water from Whittier
:: arrive back at the dock

As you can see, it was a busy cruise! I learned a lot and so did the Whittier kids...and we had fun, too! It's so neat to live in a place that offers such diverse field trip options for our kids.


  1. That was fun. Nice way to learn. :-)


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