A Long Weekend

Whew! What a fabulous long weekend! Lots going on, but not a lot of pictures.

Saturday found Scott and I running to town to do our monthly grocery shopping sans helpers. Quick, easy, and fun! I even got a haircut!

Sunday I worked at the Anchorage Market at our friends' booth. Scott, Chris and the girls visited the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, the Imaginarium at the Anchorage Museum, the Anchorage Market, and Sears (we got a new washer!). The kids sure had fun, and I had a blast at market. It's sure fun to meet so many different people from different places.

Today we hung out in the morning, then met up with some friends to water the plants in the planters around town. We rewarded the kids for their non-whiny help with some ice cream then all headed back up to the BTI to gather up food and supplies for an impromptu BBQ at the Lazy Otter. The proprietors have a wonderful grill that they graciously share with us and we all chip in a little something to make dinner a really fun time. Steph had the camera--should be some great pictures!

And now...two exhausted girls are snoozing and mama's not far behind! It's wonderful to be so tired and to have had so much fun!