Busy Week!

It's been a little quiet here on the blog this week, but not at all quiet in real life! Here's our week:

Monday: pick up Moo Grandpa at the airport
Tuesday: Whittier cleanup
Wednesday: Whittier beautification and Scott and Moo Grandpa go fishin
Thursday: end of the year/farewell party at school
Friday: not sure yet...

So you see...we've been pretty busy! The weather on Monday and Tuesday was lovely, so we made the most of it by being outside as much as we could. Today has dawned cloudy and showery, so we'll probably be doing most of the planting in the school's indoor playground.

Here's hoping you're having a great week as well! I'd love to share some cute pictures of the girls a the playground with bubbles yesterday, but Scott took the camera out on the boat and I forgot to download them last night. Sorry.


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