Birthday Craftiness

I had intended to share these with you last week, but the week just got away from me!

This is Stacy's skirt/shirt combo I made her for her birthday/Easter. I mentioned on Kelsey's birthday that I had given up on the birthday dresses for the time being, since they never get worn. I have to say, the skirts aren't getting much wear either! Kelsey's worn hers once since her birthday, Stacy hasn't touched hers. I guess next year I need to ask for some input from them! I'm still holding out hope that they'll fall in love...

And this is the doll quilt that Kelsey "made" Stacy for her birthday. More accurately, this is the doll quilt that Kelsey wanted Stacy to have for her birthday, so she directed me on how to make it and what color it should be. There really wasn't much of an opportunity for it to turn out otherwise, however. We had a very busy week leading up to Stacy's birthday and then Easter on her birthday. Not much time for sewing on Mama's lap. Oh well...a bit more prior planning next time, eh?

Either way, the birthday girl was happy and that's what really matters, isn't it?


  1. Well, I certainly think that the girls' outfit(s) are cute!!!

  2. Bet you can't tell from looking at the pictures in this post what Stacy's favorite colors are...:-)


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