SeaLife Center

This past weekend the girls and I headed down to Seward with my friend Stephanie and her son Austin. You know you've had a good weekend with kids when this is the last picture on your camera.

That's what 3 kids look like after a weekend in Seward! We loaded up all 3 into Stephanie's truck on Saturday around naptime. Austin and Stacy napped most of the way there. We made a quick visit to the Seward park upon arrival. It's a really neat park, but it was pretty chilly and the wind was blowing so I didn't take any pictures and our visit didn't last too long. From there we headed to our hotel. The great thing about traveling in the off season in Alaska is that there's fewer people. As in we had the whole hotel to ourselves! It's a little mom and pop place (The Exit Glacier Lodge) where we stayed last summer when we went to Seward with my mom and it's fantastic. Even moreso when you have the whole place to yourself! The kids ran up and down (and up and down!) the halls, burning off tons of energy.

After a dinner out on the town we all retired to our rooms. This is how my girls look when they're snoozing in a king sized bed. That little space in the's for me!

The next morning we ate some breakfast (cold pizza in bed and yogurt fed to you by your friends!), played some more in the halls, and then headed off to the SeaLife Center.

As with past trips, the touch tank was the Korbe family favorite. Austin preferred the bird enclosure. He would have stayed there all day if he could have! Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

We stayed and the SeaLife Center until the kids were completely exhausted then we grabbed some lunch at Subway and hit the road home. You already saw how that drive went!


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. :-)


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