Screen Free Week

Guess what we're doing this week? This!

Now I'll be the first to point out that we're not going *totally* screen free, but the point for us is to avoid turning the TV on or surfing the web just because. On the other hand, I think the internet and email are a communicating lifeline for us so we'll still be online answering emails and sharing in this space. What I won't be doing is lusting after stuff on Amazon and browsing quite so many blogs.

Today was day one of this and I have to say it went better than I expected. Of course it's made a bit easier by the fact that our TV has to be moved every time we want to watch it thanks to some re-plumbing that's happening in our column of apartments! It also helps that I'm not a big TV watcher anyway, and I've not allowed my kids to become heavy viewers either.

I know we'll never give it up completely and really I'm OK with that. I just think it's good to go without it from time to time to be reminded of how we want to control it, not have it control us. I noticed that I felt much more relaxed after an hour of reading my book at naptime than I do after an hour of TV or internet.

Sooooo...that's what's NOT going on at the Korbe house this week!