It Worked!

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about the deep clean going on here? Well at that point I went through my books, joined Paper Back Swap, mailed out a bunch of books and books are coming in! Basically the way it works is that you pay postage on the books you mail and then when you request books the sender pays the postage on the books coming to you. I figure I'll lose a little or break even on the postage, but a new to me book will arrive in my mailbox. I figured it was worth a try, so I listed a bunch, mailed a bunch (15!) and some are on their way to me. My first one arrived yesterday--woohoo!

In other exciting news I got my first check from EBates. This is a cash back site (like Mr. Rebates) where you shop through them and earn a percentage back. I've only shopped a bit through them, but a check arrived in my mailbox last week. Free money...I won't complain!

So there are my recent frugal adventures...if you want to give them a try I'd love it if you signed up as a referral from me. I earn a little reward if you do! :-)