Growing Up

It sounds trite I know, but goodness it happens fast! This weekend Scott got home from his week-long trip to Washington DC. His flight arrived late enough that he couldn't come home on the last tunnel, so we met him in town and spent the night. Since he had driven and parked the truck for the duration, we had both vehicles in town and decided to make the most of it (gas is $4.06/gallon here!). We stocked up on TP (a spacehogger in the car on those marathon grocery trips!) and as long as we had the truck in town, we bought the girls their first bikes. As much as I have loved our trikes, Kelsey in particular has really outgrown them. We are now the proud owners of two very shiny pink and purple bikes with training wheels!

Stacy was so excited that she rode hers from Wal-Mart to the hotel. Luckily the hotel was just next door, since we were without helmets. Kelsey had to wait until we got home to add training wheels to hers. Of course Scott had close supervision and plenty of help for this task. As if doing it while jet-lagged wasn't difficult enough!

Of course Ms. Fix-It needed to work on her bike as well. Stacy *loves* to do anything involving tools.

Once we got them all prepared, we suited up and headed out. The up side of learning to ride a bike in Whittier is that there's very little traffic, particularly this early in the spring. The down side is that it's literally all pretty much downhill from here! Needless to say, brakes was lesson #1.

We ended up riding down to the Inn at Whittier and having water and hot chocolate.

It was a fun afternoon and the girls found that riding bikes back up the hill home was much easier than riding trikes. A great science lesson about gears!


  1. Girls have grown up way toooooooooo fast. Fun times ahead. They look so attentive & cute riding their bikes :-)


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