Going Swimming

We are lucky to be able to tag along for swimming lessons with the school kids for the next four weeks. Fun, fun, fun! The girls *l*o*v*e* water and swimming, so it was bound to be a hit. We did some 'mama and me' lessons the summer before last, but nothing since.

Living in Whittier makes the timing of getting to things a bit of a challenge. We have to leave at 11, even though lessons don't start until 12:30 because taking the 12 tunnel doesn't give you enough time. It worked out pretty well though. We stopped at the park for lunch and a pre-swim play, then continued on to the resort for lessons. They practiced "bouncing" across the pool, paddling with their arms, and floating on their backs. Kelsey really likes the floating part...she chose to practice it over and over during free time at the end of the lesson! Lessons are over around 1:45 (there's 2 sessions...one for younger kids, one for the older kids), so we catch the 2:30 tunnel back in. Stacy's still a very dedicated napper, so we were in the car all of 10 minutes before she passed out!

No pictures since I hadn't been to this particular pool and wasn't sure how it was laid out, but here we are picnicking in the sun!


  1. Looks like fun - a bit chilly, but fun!


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