4th Birthday

It was Stacy's 4th birthday yesterday! And Easter too! We're still coming down off the sugar high...cupcakes at school today should wrap up the treats for awhile.

Our day started with opening a few birthday presents, then we headed over to the school for a pancake breakfast and egg hunt. It was a well-attended and fun morning. Scott was the head pancake chef.

Here are the girls modeling their funny-face glasses from their Easter goody bags donated by a community member.

After some lunch and naps (for all of us!) we opened some more presents and the girls played. Before we knew it, friends started arriving for Stacy's birthday dinner. Her pick: hot dogs, Cheetos, and salad. Yum! Mama added potato salad and we were good to go. I was grateful for such a simple menu after such a busy day. Stacy wanted a "baby cake" so here it is. I think it turned out looking a *little* bit like baby Linus!

And because you rarely see my face around here:

At the end, Stacy begged to wear her new footie pajamas to bed. I bought them for her for dress up (she's *obsessed* with having/being a baby...it's also her plan for next Halloween!), but since it was her bday we let her wear them to bed. Apparently it was too hot though...she came out of her room (LONG after she should have been asleep) to tell me she was changing into some other PJs. So sweet!


  1. Happy 4th Birthday Stacy. Cute pictures. Very busy day. :-)


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