Spring is in the air!

I will be the first to say that it certainly may not be here to stay, but spring has been at least teasing us here lately. As I said to Scott, "I consider it to be spring when we have made it above freezing every day for two weeks". And we have! It's amazing the difference that a little direct sunlight can have on melting. There's still plenty of yuck to navigate around, but the streets were clear enough to bring out the trikes this weekend. That made for two very happy little girls!

heading out

Since it's been warming up, things are melting. Along the side of the road the water is running under the ice and the girls found that fascinating! They watched the "bubbles" under the ice all they way down the street.

Kelsey in a melted ditch--the best way to experience it is to be IN it, right?!

We ended up down at the harbor where the girls did lots of reminiscing about last summer. They were delighted to be able to throw rocks in the water again.

When we headed back up the hill, Stacy found some ice to break and pick up.

Peekaboo Stacy!

And then we headed on up the hill towards home!

Happy Spring!


  1. ....and it looks like Stacy's legs are strong enough now to not *need* Mommy's assist up the hill!!

  2. What a beautiful day enjoying the outdoors-- Melting ice-snow--& most of all the SUNSHINE :-)


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