Spring Cleaning

Wow...nothing like living in a 900ish square foot apartment to make you continually reevaluate every item that you own! Let's back up a little bit...when we moved here it amazed me how much stuff I was able to glean from closets and cupboards. Even more amazing to me is how much stuff I put into storage that I've never missed. Granted, there are a few things in storage I went back for, and a few others I have purchased duplicates of or have really (really!) wished for. But for the most part it's amazing how much less stuff we have. And how happy we are!

With that in mind, I have embarked on a spring cleaning frenzy here this week. The sunshine has fueled me to haul it out, clean under it, around it, behind it, and decide if it needs to be kept. Most of it passes the grade. But some of it doesn't! The girls have had lots of fun helping me move furniture and make some decisions about their stuff. Some decisions that I wasn't ready for! (Turns out I'm more attached to a few toys than they are!) And it feels good...it feels good to know that things are clean (don't get me started on what I've learned about glacial dust...it gets *everywhere*!!!!) and it feels good to know that the things that we have are the things that are important to us. We own this stuff...it doesn't own us!