Ruffle Shirt Refashion

Refashioning seems to be all the rage around the internet. Also referred to as upcycling it generally involves altering a ready-to-wear garment or making a new garment from an older one. I've taken things in, but that's been about the extent of my dabbling until today. Today I took one of my favorite shirts that had shrunk in the wash so the sleeves were too short (I have long arms!) and made it into an elbow-length shirt.

Here's the original shirt :
(ignore the stains...I've treated then and it's in the wash again!)

Here's a close-up of the cuff, one of my favorite details on this shirt!

Here's the shirt after my re-do:

And a close up of the sleeve:

So I chopped off the cuff, cut a little length off the sleeve, rolled up the sleeve and attached the cuff vertically. I am super excited to wear this shirt again...after I get those stains out!


  1. Nice work! I like it!

  2. Cute! What is wrong with stains though? I don't think I have a shirt that doesn't have a stain in an odd spot compliments of Miss E


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