The Preschool and The Tortoise

Last week Kelsey's preschool class learned about the letter 'T'. Lucky for them, the class pet in the primary class is a Russian tortoise! All 3 classes collaborated and made some tortoises out of paper bowls with little wheels underneath to make them go. The preschool visited the primary class to learn about tortoises, and the primary class visited the preschool to hear the story The Tortoise and the Hare. It was a week of turtles, trucks, tortoises, and trains!

Here are a few fun pictures:

preschool visits the primary room

Kelsey paints her tortoise shell

Stacy pains her tortoise shell

Kelsey's tortoise is ready to race!

Stacy's tortoise takes a break

Sheldon from the primary class--he's sizing up the competition!

Just two girls and their tortoises!


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