Another $0 Dress

Yesterday turned out to be pretty busy! Kelsey's preschool teacher was sick, so I filled in for her. Our weather has been fantastically sunny and balmy (upper 20's, low 30's!) so we dashed outside to catch the sunshine before it set behind the mountain. It's light here until about 6pm now, but the direct sun is gone by 3ish.

Here's another $0 dress for Kelsey from my stash. That fabric was originally intended for capris for me (I know...*cringe*) and the buttons are from Gma Paul's stash. I know that looks like a lot of buttons, but that's what happens when you are being a mommy and sewing at the same time. You end up with oddly spaced buttons! The only easy way to fix it was to add more buttons. Oh borrow a phrase from the aforementioned Gma Paul, "You'll never notice on a galloping goose!" And Kelsey is always on the move, that's for sure!


  1. Another cute jumper! Kelsey is a lucky girl.


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