Rain, rain....GO AWAY!!

Mama wants to take the kids snowshoeing! Look what arrived in my mailbox today, thanks to the wonderful EBay! Just one pair...for now the girls are going to take turns and share them. If it turns out they both love it gobs, we'll look into a second pair.

First however, we need our temps to drop and some darn SNOW! After our gorgeous weekend, it warmed up and started to rain. It's been above freezing and raining, snowing, snaining, and slushing, all week now. Enough! Whittier Winterfest is this weekend...a party at the skating rink! We really need it to freeze up again...the forecast looks promising...fingers crossed!


  1. You will have sooooo much fun. Waiting for the pictures. They will be good :-)

  2. LOL- I don't think that I have ever in my life wished for the weather to get colder to the point of freezing up again. Needless to say I would not make a good Alaskan. Hope the girls have fun!


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