Pajama Party!

One of the things the girls like to do is have a pajama party. They got the idea from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one day and it stuck. A typical pajama party here involves dinner, a bath, dancing, popcorn and then maybe some cartoons or a special craft. And of course, everyone wearing his/her pajamas.

listening to the recorded book from Fishie Grandma

For a number of reasons we decided it was time for another pajama party and set the date for Sunday. We decided to invite guests for the first time, so the girls' friend Austin and his mom Stephanie joined us. As mentioned above, we ate, bathed, danced, snacked and did a craft. This time it was sock puppets from a kit we got for Christmas. What fun! We brought out the puppet theater I made them last Christmas and wrapped up the night with a puppet show...what fun!

Kelsey working on her sock puppet

Stacy working on her sock puppet

the puppet show