Birthday Outfit for a 5 (!) Year Old

As I mentioned last year I make the girls dresses each year for their birthday which do double duty as Easter dresses. Particularly for Stacy this year as her birthday falls ON Easter! Anyway...the dresses I was picking weren't getting much wear beyond the special day, so I decided to try something different this year and I made a shirt/skirt combo. We'll see if a certain almost 5 year old loves this as much as I do...because I think it turned out super-cute!

Sorry about the terrible photos...I was too excited to share this with you to wait for daylight! If you're wondering, I cut the flowers for the shirt with my Cricut. Love the Cricut!


  1. Wow! Looks terrific! I'm sure that Kelsey will love the outfit, and that Stacy will be wanting you to "Sew faster, Mommy!"

  2. Did you back with fusible web before cutting? haven't tried fabric yet and that is why I wanted mine :)

  3. I used Heat-n-Bond, Gwen! I found a video tute on YouTube. Mine didn't cut quite as nicely...practice, practice, practice!


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