Our Visit--Week two in Battle Ground

After a week of fun in Washougal, we packed up on New Year's Eve and headed to Battle Ground to stay with Scott's family. The girls went to their first wedding with Grandma & Grandpa Moo on the 1st and we celebrated Christmas with the Korbes on January 2.

Of course, the highlight of our Battle Ground stay was the farm and its chores. Kelsey spent hours with her beloved chickens, and Stacy warmed up a bit to them this time as well. They also spent lots of time feeding the cows and something new this time; playing on the stacked bales of hay in the barn. While we were in Washougal we made a trip to Yacolt to go horseback riding with some friends. In Battle Ground we got treated to another session on horseback at Grandma & Grandpa's neighbors. I'm not sure who had more fun...the girls riding or the adults watching!

coming back from feeding the cows

petting horses

Kelsey with her chickens

both girls with the chickens

Kelsey and Dawson really bonded!


  1. Grandma & Grandpa moo had a WONDERFUL time and enjoyed EVERY MINUTE of it. :-)

  2. That picture of Kelsey and her two (2!!) chickens is priceless!!


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