Our Visit--Week One in Washougal

We're home! We had a great trip down south, but we're all glad to be home as well! I've started to write this post twice now this morning, but both times have gotten bogged down in all of the traveling details. Let's just say this...the day of coming down and the day of going home were long. My idea of what's "worth it" in terms of ticket prices and flying into Portland may have shifted some! The girls were great, we got lucky in terms of traffic, and had great traveling companions. It just makes for a long day with little ladies.

Once we arrived in Washougal though, we forgot all about the traveling! The girls were thrilled to meet my parent's new dog, Dexter. He's a kiddo dog for sure, endlessly patient with their petting, playing, and pestering. Molly and Steeler proved equally patient, Molly even put up with several brushings from the kids. On Christmas Day my sister brought her two kittens in to visit...I'm not sure who got more exercise, the kids or the cats! Our days in Washougal were filled with playing with toys, playing with pets, trips to the dog park, time out in the sandbox, visiting friends and family. And me...playing with my new Cricut!

Kelsey and Dexter at the dog park

two girls, two dogs

climbing with Grandpa and Molly

Kelsey in Grandma's sandbox

Stacy in Grandma's sandbox


  1. Nice to see you back! I wish we had been in Washington at the same time!


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