Another Alaskan Weekend

You might live in Alaska if your weekend agenda includes ice skating on the outdoor rink, playing the snow, sledding, and snowshoeing. Of course, you might live in Montana, upstate New York or Michigan, too! But it's Alaska for us and our weekend included all of the above!

Saturday found me snowshoeing with friends in the mid-day, then skating with the girls at the rink.

view while snowshoeing

Stacy using Austin's stroller to help her skate

Kelsey working on her stick skills

On Sunday we headed out in the afternoon for an outing with a friend of ours. We headed down to the rink where we did everything BUT skate! The upside of an ice rink is that it's one place in town where an 18 month old little boy can get around by himself. The snow's not so deep there, so it's much less frustrating.

Kelsey playing tug with Tex and towing Austin in the sled

Stacy doing her part to clear the rink

All in all it was a fun and relaxing weekend. Unless you're Scott. Then it was a weekend filled with being stuffed up, coughing, aching, tired, and otherwise all around miserable. He's on antibiotics now, so hopefully he'll be feeling better soon!


  1. What a wonderful time for all :-)


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