Under the Tree part three

These items aren't actually under our tree, but we've made them to put under some of our friends' trees. I bought the blank board books on EBay. Apparently it's been long enough ago that I can't remember/find the seller I used, sorry! Anyway, each of our little friends gets two books. One about his/her favorite things, and a counting book. The counting books are pretty basic...I wrote "1 one", etc. on the bottom of the pages and the girls selected the appropriate number of stickers to affix to each page. For the "favorite things" books, we brainstormed a list of the recipient's 10 favorite things, then I collected line drawings from Google which I then traced into the books, then the girls colored them using permanent markers. Here's an example of how cute they are!

Merry Christmas crafting!


  1. Oh! Wow! How wonderful!!

  2. Good job girls. Austin will enjoy this book forever. :-)


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