Under the Tree part four

Whew! I've been wanting to share this for awhile, but it's one of those projects you have to work on when the kiddos aren't around and there's not a lot of that time to be had around here! I suppose that's why it seems like I've been working on it forever, when really it's taken me only 4 Wednesday nights (Scott has fire meetings on Wednesdays, so I don't feel guilty working all evening!). Please pardon my less than perfect photos...daylight's pretty scarce right now!

I painted the roads, trees, flowers, etc. onto the canvas, then stitched clear vinyl pockets onto it. I solicited photos from family, took photos, and searched photos on the web. I plan to add to it as we go, but for now we've got everyone's house, the Camas DQ, Wal-Mart, McDonald's, Sam's Club, our local library, Kelsey's school, Fishie Grandma's school, and a few others. The pictures will be laminated and then the kids can customize the mat for playing by swapping out the photos or just rearranging them. After I hunt through my kajillion photos I can add some places we visited this summer (clam beaches, dog sled rides, the Sealife Center, etc.).

I hope they'll have lots of fun with it...


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