More Sickies

Ohmygoodness! When we do sick around here we really do it up! I'll spare you all of the details, so let's just say that the stomach bug has now worked its way through our entire family.

Below is the picture Kelsey drew me yesterday to make me feel better. I'm outlined in purple (my favorite color) and if you'll look closely you'll see that I'm sporting a sports bra. Yes folks that's me, getting ready to work out! Of course when she drew this for me I was laying in bed, curled in the fetal position, but never mind that! It did make me smile though, and I hope it gives you one, too!
The day before I had a chance to play 'library' with Stacy while Kelsey snoozed. Here are some snapshots of me sporting a lovely 'new' silver purse and gold wallet that Fishie Grandma recently donated to the dress-up box. There were lots of library cards in that wallet, and check-out took a l.o.n.g. time, but we had fun!


  1. Kelsey drew a great picture of you, Andrea! Love the sports bra!


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