Missing Daddy

Scott's down south this week, visiting friends and family. So far the girls and I are faring just fine, but there have been a few moments of tears and "I just want my daddy" cries. As sad as these times are, it also serves to remind me one of the big reasons why we moved here. So Scott could be the kind of dad he wanted to be.

Remember when we lived down south and Scott's work week was Monday through Friday, 6am to 7pm with many Saturdays, too? The girls were lucky to see him daily, as he often left before (or just as) they got up and he was often home after they were in bed.

Here in Whittier, life's a lot different. Even if Scott has an evening meeting he usually pops home for dinner. He's home almost every day for lunch, and the kids see him every morning. Unless he's plowing snow he's nearly always home on weekends, making pancakes and hanging out.

So, although we gave up a lot of people and things to come here, we've gained some things too. And so have the kids.


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