10 Things About Kelsey

art by Kelsey 11/9/10

You already know 10 things about me, so Kelsey's up next!
  1. She's the most generous kid you'll ever meet. She'll give anyone anything if she knows they want it.
  2. She's athletic. And competitive! I can see her enjoying some sort of organized sport later in life.
  3. She loves books. Fiction or nonfiction it doesn't matter. She's never met a book she doesn't like.
  4. Her favorite thing to do at the park is swing on the tire swing. Long after I'm tired of pushing it!
  5. She's an adventurous eater! We're talking about a 4 year old who likes oysters here! She'll try anything.
  6. She's a fighter. If she thinks she's right about something she won't give up. Ever.
  7. One of her favorite things to do is cut and glue things.
  8. She has an amazing memory. She remembers things from when she was 2 1/2. I'm not even kidding.
  9. She's helpful. The kid will do anything you ask if you frame it as helping out.
  10. She's got endurance. She'll walk and walk and walk and then run! I'm hoping to take her snowshoeing this winter.
Stay tuned...10 things about Stacy is coming up next!