What We Did Over Summer Vacation

Remember the list of things I wanted to do this summer? Well as I mentioned Monday it's officially fall, so here's what we got 'crossed off' the list!

1. Visit Palmer and the Colony House Museum. Maybe even during Colony Days!
2. Ride somewhere on the Alaska Railroad.
3. Ride somewhere on the Alaska Marine Highway.
4. Visit the city of Kenai.
5. Visit the city of Homer.
6. Visit Soldotna.
7. Go to the Alaska State Fair.
8. Spend a few hours at the Anchorage Saturday Market.
9. Take a glacier cruise (maybe with these folks or these folks).
10. Take the kids to Seward to the Alaska Sealife Center.

Sooo...5 of out of 10 doesn't seem so great. Until you think about all of the other things we did that I hadn't even heard of when I was making the list!

Here are a few:
So all in all, it was a fantastic summer! Many thanks to my fantastic hubby and all of our guests for tolerating us dragging you all over the Kenai Peninsula. And potential visitors next year, take note...we're planning to explore the parts of Alaska north of Anchorage next summer. Study up! ;-)


  1. soooooo, you must have decided that the trip to Denali was AFTER summer?? :-)

  2. Sheesh! I guess so, that's pretty funny!

  3. sooooooo, you must have decided that the trip to Valdez was AFTER summer?? :-)

  4. Nope...that one is the Alaska Marine Highway (ferry) trip...although Valdez does deserve a mention, too!


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