Reflective Change

It was fun while it lasted, but today marks the end of the "This Week's Recipe" feature on Fridays.

When I sit down and think about the purpose of this blog, it's threefold. I blog to share what's going on in our lives with our family in friends in other parts of the country, and on a personal level I blog as a way of being a reflective parent. Sitting down and writing about our life forces me to think about what we're doing and why, and often makes me appreciate the little moments that much more. The third purpose of this blog is to preserve. I want to preserve some photos and snapshots of our life as we go along...I think it will be fun (and poignant!) to look back at this some day and I hope the girls will enjoy it, too.

With that in mind, I decided to scrap the weekly recipes in favor of the {this moment} photos, my favorite part of the blog right now. I still plan to blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the occasional weekend post, too.

Don't is something I love and I'll continue to try new recipes and share my new favorites with you. It just won't be quite so regular and the posts will look a little different.

So, here's to sharing, reflecting, and preserving! And growing, both my children and me!