A Photo Day

Th weekend before last was beautiful...quite windy on Saturday, but on Sunday we had sunny and clear weather until about dinner time. We headed over to Girdwood in the morning for brunch and the park with some friends...it was fantastic! I took some fun pictures of the kids at the park, but my fingers were itching for some landscapes, too. Luckily Scott was happy to indulge me, so after we got the kids down for a nap I headed out for an afternoon in Portage Valley, walking and snapping pictures.

It was such a lovely way to spend an afternoon. No plans, no agenda, just stopping when I wanted to and enjoying the sunshine. I explored a few trails that I look forward to taking the girls on next spring and summer...it's very flat out there and there are lots of little loops that would be very doable for kids.

There was one trail I took that I'd be sure to avoid during salmon spawning, however. You could barely take 10 steps on the path without stepping on fish carcasses! It seems like the trail is also a feeding bear super highway along that particular creek. Not someplace I want to be with little kids!