Magic Treehouse

A while back I decided that I wanted to try reading an early chapter book to the girls. After some thought I decided on the Magic Treehouse series. I'm sure there are other great places to start, but I'm out of touch with the beginner chapter book scene, so I went for something tried and true in my experience. We started on Friday night and finished it last night.

It's going really well! Kelsey in particular is really into it. The chapters are just the right length for her attention span and pictures are spaced a good intervals for her. Stacy likes it too, but being 3 she'd prefer a few more pictures. I have to be a very animated reader to hold her attention.

After this I think we'll read another one or two from this series and then branch out a bit. I guess I'd better peruse the juvenile literature section a bit on our next trip to the library!


  1. Maggie LOVED the Beezus and Ramona book. We started a later Magic Tree house book but she wasn't as into it- maybe it would work better if I started at #1. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get back into the habit of reading a chapter at night again :)


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