10 Things About Me

This is part of a four part series of posts you can look for in the next few weeks. I thought it would be kind of fun to just make a list of 10 things you may or may not know about each of the four of us. It made sense to start with myself, so here it goes!

  1. I love to stay home. Not just being a stay-at-home mom, but really staying home. I'm fine only going to town once or twice a month.
  2. I love being a mom, even though it's hard sometimes !
  3. I'm learning that I love fall...even pumpkin pie, which I despised as a kid.
  4. I've also learned to like squash and olives. But I still detest raisins.
  5. I enjoy taking pictures and wish I was better at it. I'm working on it.
  6. 6 years ago I never would have said this, but now there's a part of me that wants to homeschool my kids.
  7. I hate to wear fingernail polish. I know it sounds weird, but I can feel it. My fingernails feel like they're suffocating!
  8. I enjoy making gifts. If I give you something I've made, I've been thinking about you the whole time I've been working on it.
  9. I'd love to work from home if I could figure out some marketable skill I have.
  10. I loved cloth diapering my kids. It was a decision I was proud of. And although it sounds strange, I miss seeing them drying on the line.
Feel free to share 10 (or even 5!) things about you in the comments section!


  1. 1. It took 6 years to marry you
    2. You made me like Asparagus
    3. You have helped me realize that there is more to life than work and the almighty dollar.
    4. Security starts at home and with your family not the job that you have.
    5. Moving to Alaska has taught me how to be a parent (Actually being with your kids when they are awake)
    6. Hunting is not about the killing of an animal it is the vacation and camaraderie
    7. I am my fathers son (Watch out Andrea you can see what I am going to be like in 34 years)
    8. I do not deal well with crowds or rude people
    9. I would rather teach someone something I do well then to due it myself.
    10. I give more than I should but that is who I am.


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