Riding the Ferry

While Moo Grandma was here last week we decided to take advantage of the school inservice days on Thursday and Friday and we took the girls across on the ferry to Valdez. We left here at 12:45pm on Thursday and returned on Friday around 2:30, so it was a whirlwind trip! We didn't have time to see much of Valdez, save the half mile between the ferry and the hotel. I had called ahead to check the distance, but apparently my idea of 3 blocks and their idea of 3 blocks don't *quite* align!

Regardless of the lengthy walk (and howling winds on Friday) we had a good time! Stacy has been enamored with the ferries all summer. She knows the names of all 3 that service Whittier and keeps an eye out for their comings and goings. The prospect of a ferry ride was especially exciting for her!

heading down to the Whittier ferry terminal

heading down to the Whittier ferry terminal

excited Stacy as we get ready to push off from Whittier

our wake--Whittier in the distance

glacial ice near Naked Island

The ferry we took (both ways) was the Chenega. Now that we're into the winter schedule, the Chenega is our daily ferry. Over the summer we also saw the Aurora and the Kennicot. (Vessel profiles available here for those interested) Chenega is known as the "fast ferry" cruising at about 32 knots compared to Aurora's 14 knots. The trip to and from Valdez takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Kelsey riding a halibut near the Valdez ferry terminal

Stacy riding a halibut near the Valdez ferry terminal

In Valdez we toured the small boat harbor and played in the leaves. The leaves were a big hit--here in Whittier the leaves either blow away before you can play in them, or stay on the tree and then drop off in the dead of winter.

As we were getting ready to leave Valdez, Kelsey spotted this sea lion off the stern. It was fun to watch him for a few minutes before the engines fired up!

The girls were thrilled with the rides! Both of them slept most of the way each time, but that didn't seem to hamper their enthusiasm!

And I'm a sucker and bought ferry toys for them...so after the ferries took a bath, Stacy slept with hers on Friday night!

Such fun!


  1. Riding the ferry to & from Valdez was alot of fun for all. Everyone enjoyed :-)


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