On Summer

Wow! As fast as Whittier swelled in May, it deflated this week! Great Pacific (our local seafood processor) ran out of fish at the end of last week, so most of their workforce packed up and moved on Tuesday and Wednesday. We have had 'fish workers' as the girls call them for neighbors on both sides this summer. So far one group has moved out and the apartment was cleaned yesterday...it appeared to be either a thorough cleaning or just a slow cleaning, taking the better part of the day!

Many local businesses are posting September 19 as their last day for the season. Last year we were lucky that the Lazy Otter stayed open all winter. This year they'll be closing with the rest. The latest rumor is that The Inn at Whittier is planning to stay open. Of course the Anchor Inn and the liquor store are open year round as well.

I am trying to pretend that summer's not coming to an end, but I'm afraid it's a futile effort! On our way to town on Thursday I noticed leaves turning on the trees and falling at the park. School has already started (Kelsey's first day of preschool is Tuesday...she's quite excited!) and Labor Day Weekend marks the end of the Anchorage Market on weekends. The mid-week Wednesday market will continue until the end of the produce.

And so, as we approach one year in Alaska we say goodbye to all things summer and hello to the quieter, slower pace of fall and winter.