I know it sounds trite, but how time flies! It seems like just yesterday that Scott and I brought home our first little bundle and today I left that same little bundle at school for her first day of school. I feel sort of like that dream everyone has in college where you show up for the final and realize you didn't ever go to class. Totally unprepared!

I find myself a bit lost at the prospect of having a child in school. This world that I know so well from the teacher angle, yet I have no idea how to navigate it as a parent. I'm not ready to hand over my sweet girl to the influences of the outside world. There are so many things I want for her and hope for her, and yet so many things I know she'll learn at school that I wish I could keep from her. And yet I know I can't and shouldn't shelter's all part of life. I have no qualms talking to my children about life and death, but the prospect of learning words like "stupid" and the difficulties interpersonal relationships make me want to hold them close forever.

Apparently we're doing an OK job at least. Kelsey was very excited about going to school. She's been looking forward to it for over a week. She's been worried about Stacy and I and a bit for herself as well. When the rubber hit the road today though, and it was time for us to go she joined right in with her class. After a brief look of terror she took the big step into the classroom. When I picked her up she was elated! Quite proud of herself and rightly so.

Stacy and I survived as well. We played here at home, then visited some friends for a tea party. To say that Stacy enjoyed being the center of attention would be the understatement of the century. I know this time with just the two of us will be great for her as well. I look forward to watching her grow this year and learn how to have fun without her sister around for a bit.

I'm proud of these children we're raising, and I hope one day they'll understand just how much joy it brings me to be their mother. Even on days like these when I'm crying almost as much as I'm smiling!


  1. Scott & you have done a WONDERFUL job in raising your girls. It doesn't seem possible that Kelsey is ready to start school. That is hard on this end not to participate in (in person) such a big event. Pictures are great & tell it all of her adventure of starting school. Kelsey looks sooooo happy & will do well. Stacy will enjoy her special time (one on one) with mom & so will mom. :-)


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