Yesterday was a bit busy as we shared our day with our favorite 14 month old, Austin. The girls had a great time, and Austin must have too...he wrapped up his day at our house taking a 3 hour nap!

Today the girls and I headed into town for our last weekday all-day trip for awhile. With Kelsey starting school on Tuesday we'll have to stick to weekends until June! So many little things I've gotten accustomed to and spoiled by as a stay at home mom!

Anyway, after our requisite errands, we stopped by the Museum of Natural History which turned out to be pretty cool. It's located in a former warehouse and is a bit dark, but you can touch almost everything in the place! That's a great thing for little girls who are interested in *everything*. The staff was very kind and welcoming. As we wandered around and I answered the refrain "Can I touch this?" repeatedly we were followed by a gentle Newfoundland. We saw (and touched!) many of the things that capture our attention of late: rocks, bones, and fur.

Yes, she's kissing the skeleton's hand!

When we got home, Scott came in with a bag of fresh oysters someone had given him. The girls were delighted to watch him shuck them and played with oyster shells in the bathtub while he cooked them up. Then we had oysters for a bedtime snack. Does it get much more Alaskan than that?

PS...I am very busy right now pretending that I did not notice signs of fall on the other side of the tunnel. I am sure that I did *NOT* see leaves changing color or leaves on the ground. I am sure of it.