A Weekend with Auntie

Whew! Poor Auntie! She landed around 8pm on Friday night and we had her loaded back into the car by 8am on Saturday!

We headed south, stopping in Ninilchik to teach Auntie how to dig clams. We did pretty well, and Auntie had fun so I declare it a success! After clamming we headed farther south to Homer where we stayed at the Land's End Resort. Turns out that it's owned by the same people who own Kenai Landing where Scott, the girls and I stayed in June. Anyway, we puttered around in Homer and visited the hotel pool, a big hit with the little girls.

Sunday morning we visited the Pratt Museum, which was a teriffic museum. Lots of things for kiddos to see and do, as well as for adults! Kelsey got to try on a child-sized survival suit--Stacy could have too, but chose not to.

After a picnic lunch we headed back to Ninilchik for more clamming, and then made a big push for home. 3 hours with only one brief stop. Needless to say, none of us wanted to get into the car today!!

More adventures with Auntie are in the works...stay tuned!