An Alaskan Weekend

Wow! What a fun and busy weekend we had!

On Friday Moo Grandpa (Scott's dad), Scott, the girls and I went out with Captain Dave for a halibut trip. The girls were so very excited to be going fishing with Daddy and Grandpa. At first they told me that I needed to stay home...luckily I was able (with some help from Scott) to convince them it would be OK if I tagged along. In the end we ended up with a nice little sightseeing trip. We had some engine trouble, so we stayed close to home and trolled for salmon. No luck on the salmon, either. Here's the only fish we caught. Much to the girls' dismay he was too small to keep. Luckily they were so enamored with the boat trip that the lack of fishing wasn't too big of a deal for them. More fishing pictures here if you haven't seen them already!

On Saturday we headed out for Ninilchik to go clamming. We dug on Sunday and Monday, netting 160 clams on Sunday and 204 on Monday. It was sunny and warm...much different from our first experience! Mama also remembered to bring the girls' gardening gloves, so little fingers were warmer and drier...a very good thing!

Sunday afternoon it was raining and we needed to get out of the cabin, so we loaded up and drove the 45 minutes south to Homer. We did a quick driving tour, stopping at Mickey D's for dinner and enjoying ice cream at a shop on the Homer Spit. The major attraction for the girls was all of the halibut filleting that was going on along the sidewalks and boardwalks since most charters for the day were back in port. Both girls are very interested in fish, their bodies (in particular their eyes) and the whole sea to plate journey. One particular filleter was very accomodating and even cut open a fish belly to show Kelsey the little crabs and fish he'd been eating. Needless to say, she was impressed!

Stacy is helping this clam give her a kiss!

Monday afternoon we headed home at naptime. The girls slept most of the way, making it a pretty smooth drive. The sun followed us most of the way home, so we enjoyed lots of scenery.

At home, Scott and Chris spent at least 3 hours cleaning clams while I took care of the "putting away" that follows any trip...blech!

More Sunday clamming pictures here.
More Homer pictures here.
More Monday clamming pictures here.

Hope you had a great weekend, too!