A Week in Review

What a fun and busy week we've had! After returning from Homer we spent a few days exploring Whittier. Then Wednesday we headed out to Anchorage to check out the Native Heritage Center, the Anchorage Museum, and visit Seavey's puppies on a kennel tour.

The Native Heritage Center was our first stop and really the first tourist stop I've been to that hasn't lived up to my expectations. Overall we found it somewhat lacking in information...but it was a nice day and we did get to take a walk around their little pond so all was not lost!

We dined at Playland at McDonald's, then dropped Auntie off at the Anchorage Museum while the girls snoozed in the car. Scott and I had visited the museum previously and really enjoyed it. After naptime we swung by the Anchorage location of Seavey's kennel and played with a litter of puppies...you can't go wrong with little kids and puppies! After dinner Wendy and I tackled the Portage Pass hike...it's short, steep, and beautiful!

Thursday was my birthday and I was spoiled from the start! Wendy cooked me breakfast, got the kids fed and dressed, washed the dishes, and helped them wrap the suitcase full of goodies my mom sent up. They then baked and decorated a cake and fancied up the whole house while I strolled around town enjoying the wonderful sunshine. In the late afternoon we headed out to Shakespeare Creek at the head of the bay to watch the salmon, then packed up dinner for a picnic up at Salmon Run. It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday! After dinner Wendy and Scott took the quad to second Salmon Run and then also hiked up to Horsetail Falls.

Yesterday Wendy and I took the girls on a short hike up to see the Byron Glacier on the other side of the tunnel. It was 1.6 miles roundtrip and Kelsey walked the whole way. Stacy walked most of the way, although she was a bit more vocal about it! It was a gorgeous view. After the hike, we headed over to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where the bears were awake and showing off.

Today's Saturday and Scott and Wendy are out on a charter with Captain Rob of MJ's Bread and Butter Charters. Hopefully they have a fun time and Wendy comes back with some fish!