This Week's Recipe--Cinnamon Bread

image from Pioneer Woman

Ohhh!! This turned out to be every bit as yummy as I had hoped!

The Recipe
PW posted this on her site on Tuesday and I printed it right away. I had to! You can too, her printable version is available here. And you should!

Andrea's Kitchen
No substitutions here! The only thing I did differently was that I didn't brush the top of the loaf with egg whites. I forgot. But it browned very nicely without it, so no biggie!

The Verdict
I was able to let the loaf *mostly* cool before digging in. It is fantastic! I might use a bit less cinnamon sugar next time, just because I couldn't get it all onto the dough...maybe I should have rolled it a bit thinner. Either way, it's delicious! The girls loved their slices toasted for snack time today.

Really, you owe it to yourself to try this! Next time I think I'll try subbing 1c. of wheat flour for 1 c of the all purpose, just to make it a tad healthier. Right now I'm just hoping there's some left for breakfast tomorrow!


  1. Hmmm. I haven't ever smeared butter on cinnamon bread, only on rolls. Did the loaf stay together when you sliced it?

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  3. Typo in the other one! Now that you mention it, the slices do want to fall apart a bit, especially as you get more towards the middle. Maybe I'll try leaving it off...

  4. Kari said...

    I want to try this recipe! It looks yummy! I made a blackberry cobbler and chocolate cobbler from The Pioneer Women website today for my Hubby's birthday! They turned out awesome! :-) Have you made any of the other recipes from that website that turned out good?


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