Some Kids

*Some* kids require a stick through the gills to hold a fish (I recall a picture of my 3 or 4 year old self holding a fish this way!). Then there are other Kelsey. Kelsey who excitedly welcomed the salmon Scott caught yesterday into our family. She immediately asked if she could hold it by herself and then kissed it and held it close. Stacy was a bit more reserved, preferring watching to touching.

As you can see, this fishing spot is hard on the eyes! With our picnic dinner and ice cream cones from the Lazy Otter, it was the perfect way to spend an evening!


  1. Kelsey makes me melt touching the fish as that is sooooo brave & caring to this.

    Stacy looks good in her shades

    What a way to R&R by the water. Looks so peaceful :-)

  2. No fishing from the dock! Just kidding...

  3. Stacy, I am with you. I am pretty sure that fish are not for kissing :)


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