Fish On!

Me relaxing on the bow of the boat

If you'll remember, my last halibut trip (which was supposed to be my first) was a bust. So when Scott came home on Monday night and asked if I wanted to go the next day, the answer was an immediate "yes"!

We arranged for the girls to spend the day with the Burgoon-Duffus family (Josh, Stephanie, and Austin--thanks a million!) and Scott and I headed out with Captain Day of Prince William Sound Eco-Charters.

In short, it was an amazing experience! The fishing was fun, the weather was perfect and the scenery was spectacular. My catch for the day amounted to two halibut and a yellow eye rockfish, pictured below. Scott caught a Pacific Cod, which he chose to release. A couple from Georgia was also on our trip, celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary with a 5 day Alaskan Adventure. It was certainly off to a good start, I'd say! They took home 3 halibut, a smaller one, a medium sized one, and a larger one.

view on the way out

views of Prince William Sound near our fishing spot for the day

the day's catch for Andrea

filleting the day's catch

waterfall in Blackstone Bay


  1. so glad you had a wonderful day. Weather nice--water smooth--& a bonus all the fish you caught.
    congratulations. Your a real fisher woman now :-)

  2. That yellow-eye rockfish is one ugly cuss- oops, I mean unattracive aquatic citizen :)


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