All Decked Out

I know I've posted about our favorite boots before, but I still love 'em! They're the only warm rubber boots I've ever worn. They're synonymous with Alaska in general and Whittier in particular, often referred to around here as 'Whittier Wear'.

When Scott and I recently went to take pictures of the Northwestern (of Deadliest Catch fame) and out to a local eating establishment I pulled on my XtraTufs, pants tucked in since it was raining. In the elevator Scott commented about taking me out in my rubber boots, so I untucked the pants to show how the boots can easily go from 'day wear' to 'night wear'! :-) He was laughing at me...until we arrived at our destination to find one of my friends out with her hubby, also sporting the ubiquitous boots!

Anyway...yesterday the girls, Gpa Moo and I headed up to Salmon Run where the salmon are finally running! The girls had dressed themselves in sweet little dresses, then added their boots to complete the ensemble and to allow for dry feet while throwing rocks in the water. I can't help it...I just loved the look!


  1. Were you wearing yours, too? With a skirt?

  2. I want some. I have a great skirt already for them.


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