This Week's Recipe--Baked Beans

I've been searching and searching for a baked bean recipe to make from scratch. From soaking the beans to the baking.

The bad news: I haven't found it yet. The good news: I'm getting there!

I've tried a number of them, and so far these two are my favorite:

Boston Baked Beans from Hillbilly Housewife and

Once and Future Beans from Alton Brown

What I really like are the Bush Brothers Maple Cured Bacon beans, so that's the flavor I'm going for. Of course, neither of these recipes used maple syrup, so no surprise they missed the mark on that one.

So I'll keep trying...but in the meantime, do YOU have a great baked bean recipe to help me on my way??

PS--I haven't forgotten your pork taquitos suggestion, Wendy! I think we'll try some while you're here so I can include your expert opinion! :-)


  1. Aunt Elaine made some really good baked beans one time (oh, about 20 years ago!) when we visited her - maybe you should email her!

  2. Our favorite around her starts with (horror of horrors) pork and beans. It doesn't meet the from dried beans requirement but it is easy peasy and gets good reviews. If you want it let me know and I will type it :)


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