This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, but haven't. Finally yesterday I remembered *and* had time! are the girls' reflections on their favorite part of the 4th of July.

Kelsey's reads "My favorite part of the day was DAD STA HOM." If you're not a primary teacher, that translates into "dad stayed home". We sounded out the words together and she came up with the letters needed. She's not able to write all of the letters 'on demand', so had to write a few for her to remember what they looked like. Oddly, no matter how much I stress lowercase letters, she often writes in all caps!
Stacy's reads "My favorite part of the day was fire." Which means that her favorite part was riding in the firetruck. I find it curious, because if you ask her she didn't want to ride, she wanted to watch--even though she chose to ride! Her picture is of the time we spent in the afternoon, drawing on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. Amazing how they're growing up! Hopefully we'll be able to do this sort of regularly and I'll be able to share more from the minds of little ladies!


  1. These are great! It probably won't be the last time, though, that you *think* you know what's running through their minds...and it turns out that you don't!


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