Photoshop and I

A few days ago I mentioned how I have been playing around with Photoshop and Picnik. I loved the effects that are available on Picnik, but having to upload the photo to edit it and then download it to save it is a pain. And I have Photoshop and I *want* to learn to use it. It's just not intuitive to me...I don't know enough about it. Enter Pioneer Woman!

If you're not yet obsessed with Ree from the Pioneer Woman then I don't know if we can still be friends! Really though, her blog is entertaining AND educational. At least for me. She has a cooking section (Tasty Kitchen) and a photography section in addition to the other areas of her blog.

Lucky for me, Ree is a Photoshop genius and long (LONG!) ago learned about Photoshop actions. As I understand it, a Photoshop action is a way of putting several techhy Photoshop photo editing steps into one 'action' and it creates a button for you to push to apply the action to your photo. Ree has generously created two groups of Photoshop actions that are available for free download from her site. Once I figured out how to download them, unzip them, and then load them into Photoshop I was good to go. Now I *look* like a Photoshop whiz, thanks to her hard work behind the scenes. Scroll down to view the evidence!

original image

after PW boost action
after PW old west action
after PW vintage action

after PW heartland action

See...aren't I a genius? No? OK, well then at least I read the blogs of geniuses! :-)


  1. Very cool! I might have to try playing around with some pictures, too.


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