Life in the Car

pint sized ballerina feet

Wowza! The days just fly by when you're in the car as much as we've been this week! The drive to Anchorage is right at an hour, after you get through the tunnel. The tunnel is usually a 10-15 minute adventure, depending on if and how long you have to wait. So to Anchorage and back is about 2.5 hours round trip. Today was day 3 making that trip! Tomorrow is the final day of ballet...a mixed blessing, I'm sure. The trouble is that I have raised homebodies, so as much as they enjoy going to do something, they don't enjoy the leaving part. They don't like their play and their routine interrupted. So getting them out the door has been a challenge, but they have fun once the get there. I think we'll all be glad to stay home on Friday, though!

Now--off to sew! I took my machine in (her name is Lily in case you wondered!) for her first ever servicing. She's 10, so according to the technician she was about 5-8 years overdue! I'm anxious to see how well she works now, and to finish up some unfinished projects (like Evie's birthday present for her 1st birthday. Which is tomorrow. Yikes!). So, ta-ta for now!


  1. Kari says: I love that picture of their cute little ballerina feet! I would blow it up and frame it!


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