Highlights of a Visit From Grandma Fishie

Boy! We had so much fun last week that it will be a challenge to write it up succinctly, but I'll give it a try!

On Monday the sun shone in Whittier, so we showed Grandma some of the sights around town. She saw the city park, the school playground, and salmon run. We enjoyed a picnic lunch (and narrowly avoided being lunch for mosquitoes!) and fresh halibut from Scott's fishing trip on Sunday.

On Tuesday it rained, so we headed down to Seward. We took the girls to the Alaska Sealife Center. Their first visit had been in May with Auntie Shelly and they'd enjoyed it so much they had wanted to go back. Again, the touch pools were the favorite attraction. We spent the night at the Exit Glacier Lodge which turned out to be a hidden gem.

On Wednesday we hit the Seward Park and then headed over to Seavey's Iditaride. What a hoot! Mom and I couldn't decide if it was more fun to participate or to watch the girls have fun participating! We spent about 45 minutes with two litters of puppies and learning about dog sledding. The other 45 minutes or so was a dog-cart ride. Very, very, very fun! After a picnic lunch we headed back to Whittier. On the way home we stopped by the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where the bears were out and showing off. What a treat!

Thursday brought a trip to the dentist for the girls. Let's just say this: I'm glad I had some help and all's well that ends well! We also visited a park to burn off some energy, as well as McDonald's.

Friday found us in Whittier, enjoying the dry weather. We had fun trying out the new "circle cycle" at the school playground. Friday night Scott and I got to go out to dinner while Gma and the girls enjoyed a kiddo favorite, Kraft macaroni and cheese! Friday evening Mom and I hiked the Portage Pass trail to the point where you can see both Prince William Sound and Portage Lake and Portage Glacier. Breathtaking!

Saturday was cruise ship day, so the girls and I took Grandma for a walk to the harbor to see the ship up close. Grandma also headed out on Billy Goat the quad with Scott up to see the waterfalls and sights on the way to second Salmon Run. Then we all headed to Girdwood to the park and dinner at Chair 5.

And then it was Sunday and we all wondered where the week had gone! Already it was time to say goodbye. Hopefully Mom enjoyed her trip!


  1. Fun? Oh, yeah, I had fun!! Thank you, Korbes, thank you!

  2. OMG- what a week. I am tired just reading about it!


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