Got a Kitchen Aid? You *NEED* this!

In case you didn't hear, I broke the dough hook for my Kitchen Aid a few weeks ago. How do you break a dough hook you ask? I'm still not sure! For a while I considered buying a new mixer...perfect excuse, right? But in the end, when I could replace the dough hook for about $15 or buy a new mixer for $300 plus I went with the replacement dough hook, which a purchased through one of my favorite online retailers, Amazon. I love Amazon because Amazon loves Alaskans! They honor their free shipping offer up here. Not very many people do, but that's another whole post!

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Lucky for me, Amazon also stocks this wonderful invention, the Sideswipe. I first saw the Sideswipe over at No Pattern Required. She does the Mid-Century Menu on Wednesdays, which always delights me! Just this week she made Mincemeat Cupcakes. Come on--you've always wanted to try that, haven't you?!?! long as I was ordering the new dough hook I ordered myself a Sideswipe. They arrived this afternoon and right away the girls and whipped up a batch of cookies. It's genius I tell you! It swipes the sides and bottom of the bowl while it mixes. If you're a Kitchen Aid owner, you know how you have to constantly be scraping the sides and bottom of the bowl when you're mixing. The stock paddle just doesn't do the job!

Just in case you wondered, I'm not getting any sort of kickback from anyone...although maybe they should after reading my glowing recommendation!


  1. Let me say this about that...that's one very odd-looking accessory!! Good to hear that it makes life easier.

  2. When I first looked at this I thought it was a floor map and just dismissed it. . . . .after reading your post. . .. I just ordered mine!


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