Denim Love

We love denim around here for a number of reasons. Number 1, it's fairly durable (nothing like denim of days gone by, but...) and Number 2, it goes with anything. When Kelsey turned two and started dressing herself, I realized that either we'd be fighting over it constantly, or she'd be wearing lots of denim. This winter she had a pair of red pants. People around here can tell you about the many times she wore them with shirts that didn't go. She felt particular love for a yellow shirt with the red pants. I could only think "ketchup and mustard." But I digress. Back to the above choices...constant arguing or lots of denim. I chose lots of denim. Preferably, fairly plain denim. That way she can choose a red shirt or a pink one and it will look fairly decent together.

The challenge is that Kelsey is skinny. The kid has a visible six-pack of abs for goodness sake! It's ridiculous. As a result of her physique, jeans don't fit. Thankfully she lives in the times of adjustable waist kiddo jeans. The best kiddo invention. Ever. Her next batch of jeans (size 5T...what happened to my baby??) I scored on clearance at Wal-Mart for $7 per pair, which around here is cheaper than used jeans at the consignment store. The problem adjustable waist. Then I found this tutorial and realized that (insert forehead smack here) I could fix that! I got my elastic from a seller on EBay and was on my way.

Here's the stack of denim that I altered today...7 pairs of jeans and a skirt!

I just re-read this post before hitting 'publish' and almost deleted 99% of it! Unfortunately for you, I didn't. Who knew I could write so much drivel about denim???? Clearly I need to get outside for some fresh air!! :-)


  1. Let's pairs of jeans should last Kelsey 2 days without needing to do wash, right? Unless she goes outside & plays near the dirt and/or water!

  2. Hopefully...really that's only 5 pairs for her and 2 for Stacy, so lately that's a 2.5 day supply! :-)

  3. Embrace the odd pant't-shirt combos. I can't tell you how many times I have been shopping with Princess Ariel in the last year- thank goodness she is outgrowing that costume!

  4. Girls look good in jeans :-)


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