Crafting Lately

Well, now that Lily's home I've been crossing a few things off the old to-do list!

1. Beanbag booster seats from One Yard Wonders. I made a 'rough draft' of these while my dad was up. The book calls for oilcloth which I couldn't find in my limited time in town. The 'rough draft' cushions worked OK, but were always landing on the floor. When Mom (aka Fabric Depot Fairy!) arrived with some yellow gingham oilcloth I was in business! I redid my cushions, added beans for weight and a chunk of non-skid shelf liner. They boost the girls up to a good table height and I haven't picked the new oilcloth ones up off the floor once...yipee!

Yeah, yeah...someday I'll be brave enough to attempt recovering the backs of the chairs, too!

2. Evie's birthday present. Even though she can't read, her mama can (and does!), so I'll keep quiet on this one until it arrives at their place. Yes. It's late. Sorry!

3. Tops! I have discovered that many tops in my wardrobe are too big nowadays. I am *way* too cheap to want to get rid of them all and get new ones, so I'm working on taking them in. Today at naptime I managed to take two t-shirts from the 'too big' pile to the 'just right'. Very rewarding!

No picture've all seen me and you've all seen a t-shirt!

4. New beanbag cover! The old one was faded and tired. And leaking! I zig-zagged the old one closed where it had developed weak spots, then made a new cover from two twin-sized sheets from Wal-Mart. I love that it's a bit brighter and no more beans float out when the girls jump on it. Our beanbag is rarely used for sitting...mostly used for landing!

5. Doll pillows. The girls and I did this project this morning. Since I didn't buy the Crayola fabric markers that I saw at JoAnn's on Saturday, I had the girls color on paper. Then I scanned it and printed their drawings onto iron-on transfer paper. We then transferred their artwork to some scraps, picked some other scraps for the backs of the pillows, stuffed them with scraps of batting and sewed 'em shut. The girls seemed to really enjoy this project!

And that folks, wraps up the little bits I've been squeezing in here and there!